On the road to Beehau. Natto has questionable photography skills sometimes…but this time, he managed to accidentally catch some awesome lens flare. Yay sunsets!

Looking cool a caterpillar. You know, if a caterpillar in East Timor could ever be cool.

Mana Amoe loitering on the benches after work, hah.

A five year old with acute myeloid leukemia, right before he boarded a plane to Jakarta for 20 months of treatment.

Dr. Dan and Pinky on morning rounds.

Inacia DOTS-ing it up with TB meds.

Teresa is as sassy as can be.

Meanwhile, Emma is happy at Larry.

Smile for the camera. The horde of Asians in the back sure is.

Oh, Mana Aida. So much awesome embodied in such a tiny woman!

An eleven year old girl with a heart so pure and a smile so sweet.

The crew from Portugal.

Walking down Mandarin Road. Quite deer-in-the-headlights’ed here, derp.

Lisbeth and our beloved Tio Angola.

I wish my Tetun was better so that I could interview these two old-school ballers. Maybe one day.

oh hay dere you two.

The most adorable couple of the trip.

Looking studious!
…Oh wait, that’s a restaurant menu.

“Hey Jake, what are you guys lookin’ at? Can we see?”
“…It’s a video I took at the cockfighting ring. LOOK AT ALL THE BLOOD!”


Not even close to everyone, but this is the best we could do before we got whisked off to the airport!


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