the fauna of bairo pite clinic: kittens

Stray animals are everywhere in Timor. EVERYWHERE. You have wild dogs roaming the streets–some with clearly infected reproductive organs, others lying absentmindedly in the middle of the road; you have giant pigs and little piglets romping in the trash piles, looking for scraps to eat; and at the Bairo Pite Clinic, you have kittens. A couple of larger full-grown cats, but mostly just little bitty kittens.

Most of the kittens have messed-up, partially severed tails. Le sad. A couple of them have gimp legs too. Le even sadder. HOWEVER, they get their fill eating scraps from outside the kitchen, so it’s not a terrible life for them I suppose. I wouldn’t try to adopt one of these little guys, though. They’re a bit high-strung.

Also, fun-but-actually-frustrating-fact: the only lens I brought with my 7D is my 28mm f/1.8, so I was forced to inch slowly and carefully towards the kittens to take pictures of them. Oh, how I miss my 85mm f/1.8….

o hai dere, kitteh.

whachu doin’ under dat dere bush?

y u so shy?

om nom free foodz yush plz

oh noes, i iz teh caught red-handed

secret kitteh spies watching from underneath a building’s foundation


okay i’ll be docile now

…because he’s the kitten bairo pite deserves…but not the one it needs right now…a silent guardian….a watchful protector…


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