This morning, the first two taxis demanded $2 for a ride to the clinic. The third one already had a chill maun with earbuds in sitting in the back seat, so the driver agreed to $1 to “Klinika Bairo Pite”.

We passed a completely totaled sedan on the way there. It was literally just sitting there in the middle of the road. The entire front half was crumpled in at a 45 degree angle. It clearly had been trying to veer out of the way of a larger vehicle at the last second. Maybe a microlet.

There’s a slightly depressed median between the different sides of the road (two lanes going one way, two lanes going the other), but nobody ever really follows any traffic laws. The ambulance routinely drives with one half of the truck in the median, one half out. This sedan didn’t quite have the good fortune or brawn to pull that off.

Most of the cars are late-1980’s to mid-1990’s Toyotas with manual transmission. Whoever was driving the wrecked sedan was probably fine. Unless they weren’t wearing their seatbelts. Nobody wears seatbelts in Timor. The scooter drivers all wear helmets though.



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