klinika bairo pite

A slightly premature baby born five hours before this picture was taken. We went in there with a big ‘ol medical book to guide us through calculating the baby’s gestational age. Heel to toe test, wrinkly-foot-soles test, are-there-veins-visible-still, etc. We determined the baby was ~40 weeks old.

Nurse Susan and Most Esteemed Grand International Volunteer Coordinator Chief Of Staff Natto, working on an antenatal survey for new mothers. The number of mothers giving birth here at BPC has been dropping recently, and we’re wondering why. Is it because they feel the care here is inadequate? Are there not enough midwives in general? Is it because we keep running out of bedsheets? Hopefully this survey will help shed some light on the situation. Mana Aida, the amazing, sassy head doctor of lore, is poking her head out in the back of the photo.

On the right, wearing the bright yellow “Lovely Diary” hoodie, is a thirteen year old girl with acute myeloid leukemia. She loves to sing hymns, play ball, write songs, and draw. All visitors are instructed to wear a mask at all times when around her. She is told never to touch her own eyes, mouth, or nose, especially after going to the bathroom. Worst case scenario is she has less than two weeks. There is zero cancer treatment on this island. Zero. We’ve begun emailing every pediatric oncologist and charity org in Australia and Korea we know of.
Hi, Ying.