this pc cafe costs $0.40/hour and has AoE2 + GTA: SA + CS1.6 installed on its desktop.


The flight from London to Singapore had some interesting movie choices. *cough Wellesley cough*


The best part is they have pepper from ‘MERICA! YEAHHHHHH, AMURIKAAA


that sign says “there is hole”, but is obscured by the bag of concrete.
the streets quickly go from beautiful, paved asphalt to dilapidated concrete once you leave the rich parts of Bali. I read an article in a local newspaper this morning calling out the government for being too “southern-friendly” with its focus on tourism. I assumed South = Australia. Basically, Bali is one of the richest provinces in Indonesia, but all the wealth is all concentrated in the areas around the airport. Tourists even admitted in surveys that they were reluctant to explore most of Bali, since it was too underdeveloped compared to the richer parts. Interesting to think about.


our first meal in Bali. we basically just asked our taxi driver to pick a nice place to go to, and invited him to eat with us. clams, prawns, lobster, red snapper, fish, fish, and more fish. it was the freshest seafood i’ve had since I was in taiwan in 2009, so it was all delicious. i still prefer satay though since there’s no bones/carapace when you’re dealing with chicken, lul.

I’m in Bali. We got in yesterday afternoon, met up with my friend’s friend’s friend Hamid, got a taxi, and found a $40/night hotel with A/C, hot water, and western toilets, right next to Kuta beach. Baller. I’ll write a post later tonight about Hamid and our taxi driver Iwayan. They both have interesting stories indeed.


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